Diversity Equity and Inclusion Statement.

Please Review Leadership Lancaster's Diversity Equity and Inclusion Statement Below and Complete the Acknowledgment.

  • Diversity Equity and Inclusion Statement

    Leadership Lancaster recognizes and values the diversity inherent in the community we serve. We are committed to establishing space for meaningful dialogue as we develop a diverse group of leaders that is truly representative of Lancaster County.

    We are intentional in our efforts to recruit participants who are diverse, inclusive, and equitable. We welcome those who share this commitment and who wish to join with us in our work to develop effective leaders who collaborate to serve the evolving needs of our community.

    Across all areas within our organization, from our board of directors and programs to our committees, Leadership Lancaster is inclusive of everyone in our community. This includes but is not necessarily limited to age, race, color, national or ethnic origin, sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, family or domestic partnership or marital status, genetic predisposition, level of ability, religion, and veteran status.

    We promote, model, and expect respectful dialogue in all of our programs. When participants are committed to interacting respectfully with those who are different from themselves, their capacity for leadership is enhanced. We acknowledge that this is a continuous journey, and it is critical to continue to listen, learn, and evolve.