Alumni Engagement Points Challenge!.


Ways To Earn Points!

Here Is Your Chance To Earn Points For Each Meaningful Interaction

Let The Friendly Competition Begin!

Points System

  • Meeting Class Members and Posting a Picture:
    • Points: 5
    • Connect with other alumni by arranging to meet over coffee, lunch, dinner, or any other preferred activity. Capture the moment with a photo and share it on social media using the hashtag #LLAlumni.
  • Attending a Leadership Lancaster Event:
    • Points: 10
    • Attend any official Leadership Lancaster event, and earn points for your active participation.
  • Sharing a Leadership Lancaster Event:
  • Donating to Leadership Lancaster:
    • Points: 25
    • Show your support by making a donation to Leadership Lancaster. Your contribution will be recognized with points.
  • Posting a Picture of Board Service/Volunteering Inspired by Leadership Lancaster:
    • Points: 15
    • Share your community involvement inspired by Leadership Lancaster. Post a picture with details and use the hashtag #LLAlumni.
  • Joining Leadership Lancaster’s Board or Committees:
    • Points: 50
    • Demonstrate your dedication to community development by joining Leadership Lancaster’s board or committees. Earn points for your active involvement in shaping the organization’s initiatives and fostering leadership growth within the community.
  • Referring Someone to Leadership Lancaster’s Programs:
    • Points: 20
    • Refer a prospective participant to any of Leadership Lancaster’s programs and earn points for your contribution to the community.
  • Referring Someone to Leadership Lancaster’s Core Class:
    • Points: 80
    • Refer a potential participant to Leadership Lancaster’s Core Class program. Earn points when your referral is accepted into the program, showcasing your commitment to growing the community’s leadership base.
  • Consistent Engagement Bonus:
    • Points: 50 (Awarded Every 3 Months)
    • Alumni consistently engaging in various activities such as attending LL events, sharing LL social posts, engaging with LL alumni throughout the month will receive a bonus to encourage sustained involvement.  Use the hashtag #LLAlumni.
  • Special Challenges/Contests:
    • Points: Varying (based on the challenge)
    • Participate in special challenges or contests announced by Leadership Lancaster for additional points.